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  • Action Advocacy, PC
    1 Crouch St.
    Groton, CT 06340
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    CT Bankruptcy Lawyer Dave Falvey - When it comes to bankruptcy, Connecticut residents have trusted Dave Falvey for over 30 years. Attorney Dave Falvey is a trusted bankruptcy lawyer working in the State of Connecticut. His legal firm Action Advocacy, PC was established in the year 1985 and since then Dave has worked with thousands of clients to get their debts reduced or erased for good. Dave specializes in consumer finance.
    Areas Served: We serve Groton CT, New London County CT and Windham County CT with bankruptcy attorney services.
    Categories: Attorney/Lawyers
     Dave Falvey
    Year Established: 1985
    Business Type: Sole Proprietor
    Product Service: Bankruptcy Legal Services
    #  Locations: 1
    Cash: Yes
    Check: Yes
    Credit Card: Yes
    Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

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