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 Alan Cohen Criminal Defense Attorney Houston TX

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Alan Cohen Attorney Houston TX Directory Listing

  • Alan Cohen Criminal Defense Trial Attorney
    2425 West Loop S #200
    Houston, TX 77027
    Harris County TX
    Alan Cohen Criminal Defense Trial Attorney - If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Houston, hire an experienced and affordable criminal defense attorney. I, Alan Cohen, have extensive experience providing cost effective criminal defense to people in Houston and the surrounding areas. I provide each client an honest and straight-forward evaluation of their case. I am committed to offering my clients quality representation that is reasonably priced. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.
    Areas Served: We serve Houston TX and Harris County TX with criminal defense attorney services.
    Categories: Attorney/Lawyers
    Contact: Alan Cohen, Criminal Defense Lawyer
    Year Established: Unknown
    Business Type: Corporation
    Product Service: Houston Criminal Attorney, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer, Houston Sex Crime Attorney, Drug Crime Lawyer, Murder Attorney, Houston Violent Crime Lawyer, Assault Attorney, Texas Weapons Lawyer, and Juvenile.
    #  Locations: 1
    Cash: Yes
    Check: No
    Credit Card: Yes
    Hours: Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM

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