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    1740 West Katella Ave, Suite Q
    Orange, CA 92867
    Orange County CA
    (888) 563-9604
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    Anaheim Notary Services - he professionals at Attorney Assisted California Centers are committed towards providing excellent Notary Service in Orange from first client contact to document completion at the most affordable rate and make your notary documentation an easy going process.
    Areas Served: We serve Orange CA and Orange County CA with professional Notary services.
    Categories: Attorney/Lawyers   Notary Services
    About Us:
    We have experienced professionals known as Legal Document Assistants, who are authorized to prepare legal documents for our clients. They are devoted in creating a clients' legal documents under their supervision. Our mission is to become world class legal service provider committed to provide quality service satisfaction to our valuable clients.

    The company's website is which provides complete information about  the company and their services. We have 24-hour toll free service (1.866.410.1529) for our  clients to provide further service assistance. Our clients can be categorized by our services including the experienced hands, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional services. You can contact us through the phone call or you can email us. We hope that you will find the best legal service provider for which you are looking at ATTY ASSISTED.
     Christina M. Hernandez
    Year Established: 2005
    Business Type: Corporation
    Product Service: Divorce papers, Paralegal service provider, family law services, attorney assisted, California legal document assistant, Legal documents, legal document preparation, California legal help, and legal services California.
    #  Locations: 2
    Cash: Yes
    Check: No
    Credit Card: No
    Hours: Mon-Fri:9-6

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