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  • Sacramento Plumbing
    1712 Broadway
    Sacramento, CA 95818
    Sacramento County CA
    Sacramento Plumbing - Plumbing is what we want to live without but, it has become a part of our lives. That is the reason why Sacramento Plumbing is born. You can always count on us when you need to have a plumbing done. As a service-oriented company, we understand the problems of not only your faucets, toilets and water heaters, but also of your hectic time schedule.
    Areas Served: We serve Sacramento CA and Sacramento County CA with professional plumbing services.
    Categories: Plumbing Contractors/Supplies
    About Us:
    At Sacramento, we install quality! Quality that will put your plumbing system on the path towards worry-free operation! If your faucet has a runny nose, the toilet has a wobbly seat or the pipes are leaking or anything in between, you can count on Sacramento Plumbing!
     Froilan Minchi
    Year Established: Unknown
    Business Type: Corporation
    Product Service: Plumbing service, plumbing company, and emergency plumber.
    #  Locations: 1
    Cash: Yes
    Check: No
    Credit Card: Yes
    Hours: 24/7

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